Paul's Pontiac Bonneville - click photos to enlarge.

I have owned my 1966 Pontiac Bonneville since October 2005. It is the 5th American car I have owned, I’ve been into Yanks for well over 20 years and still enjoy it. The car itself is a two door pillarless coupe with a 400 cu engine and a TH 400 gearbox. I have rebuilt the engine myself, it’s out of a ’68 GTO so with a few tweaks it should be good for 400+ ponies. It has factory cast headers with an x-pipe and electric fender dumps for a loud laugh! Since I’ve owned it the car has had a total respray and virtually a total restoration, all the hard work has been well worth it and we’ve won a few trophies with it over the last few years.

The Bonnie is a family car, my wife Lorraine, daughter Emma, son Adam and myself attend many American and custom car shows around the country throughout the show season.